Webmaster Definition: Webmasters are contractual partners of Cyberservices B.V. The activities of a Webmaster include the acquisition of users, e-mail addresses and related activities. The Goal of the Webmaster is to generate revenue for pay sites belonging to or in contractual agreements with Cyberservices B.V.

Payouts: Commissions are always paid out biweekly. This biweekly pay out is considered to be "one billing cycle." The commission includes the revenue that was earned within one billing circle. Cyberservices B.V. will handle all accounting issues and pay outs for the commissions. Payments are either wired or mailed to the name that appears as the owner of the account. The minimum payout amount that will be sent is $50.00.

Commission agreement:

Commission based on revenue:
The Webmaster obtains an individual commission rate from Cyberservices B.V. The commission rates vary between 50% and 70% depending on the revenue that was generated by the Webmaster within one billing cycle (two weeks). Commissions paid are for the total revenue that was generated by surfers who have signed up with one or more of SEXMoney.com's sites using the appropriate link with the included Webmaster ID within the billing cycle.

Net Revenue within one billing cycle
Commission rate
Less than $30,000
50 %
More than $30,000
55 %
More than $50,000
60 %
More than $80,000
65 %
More than $150,000
70 %

Payment based on sign-up: The Webmaster obtains a sign-up fee for the registration of his or her transferred traffic. SEXMoney.com offers a $30.00 flat payout rate for sign-ups on all SEXMoney.com sites for webmasters located in North America or Australia. For webmasters located outside of North America or Australia, the amount of the sign-up fee depends on the membership package that was purchased by the transferred user. The general sign-up fees go as high as 70.00 Euro (approx. $85.00 USD). The specific commissions can be obtained from our offered Cash Programs. For all webmasters, in case of a charge back from a trial membership or the first regular billing, no commission will be credited to the Webmaster. Commissions already paid out will be offset against subsequent earnings.

Commission for Webmaster referrals: SEXMoney.com pays a 10% bonus commission on the total sales of referred Webmasters that joined our program via a link from our Webmasters. This bonus will be paid as long as the referred Webmaster remains within the 50% commission ratio. The commission doesn't include e-mail cash boxes.

  • The Webmaster and SEXMoney.com equally share charge backs
  • Costs incurred, due to cancellation of membership or from charge backs, will be shared by Cyberservices B.V. and the Affiliate on the same percentile basis as the generated revenues are shared.
  • Commission charge backs will be shown during the next billing cycle.
  • Free content: Cyberservices B.V. offers content to its Webmasters at no cost. The free content is available for download and can be used on pages that at least promote one of SEXMoney.com's sites.
  • The distribution of prohibited advertising (SPAM) will not be tolerated. Please review our TOS (Terms of Service) for further details.
  • Advertising violations will result in termination of the Webmaster from the SEXMoney.com Webmaster Program and all generated revenue will be forfeited.
  • All proposed transactions must abide by the laws and regulations of the respective country in which the Webmaster resides in.
  • The content of the members area must reflect what the respective website tour promoted.
  • Distributing passwords to third parties is forbidden. If this offence is detected, we will prosecute at the webmaster's expense.
  • The obtained login data must be kept in a secure place. Login data is not to be made available to minors.
  • Only persons over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in SEXMoney.com's Webmaster Program.
  • No jurisdictional claim will be granted to the acceptance of SEXMoney.com's Webmaster Program.
  • All legal matters shall be limited only by the statutory and common law of the Netherlands.
  • Shipping of XXXMiles Rewards inside of Germany free of charge. Outside of Germany we will charge for custom and shipping.
  • The XXXmiles Rewards will be discontinued on 31 May 2018. Accumulated XXXMiles may be redeemed until 31 December 2018.

The german version of these T&C is decisive.