SEXMoney.com knows that every webmaster has different needs, and that flexibility is a prime factor when choosing a sponsor. SEXMoney.com offers both rev share & per sign-up options. The first option is with our rev share program which pays out between 50-70% recurring for the lifetime of the user. In addition to the initial 50-70% recurring payout, you have the opportunity to earn 50% of every single dollar the users spends with our up-sell options, such as live cams and membership package upgrades. The average retention of a surfer/member on a SEXMoney.com site is between 4 and 5 months. The second option is our per sign-up option, which pays out a 1 time flat commission rate of $30.00. In addition, our system allows for mixing and matching of payout types when creating links. This way you can choose the payout type for each individual link, thus allowing for more flexibility.

Earn a $30 flat rate for each and every sign-up you send to the SEXMoney.com line-up of paysites. Get paid biweekly and earn a big $30 pay out for each sign-up with the SEXMoney.com Per Sign-up program. See our TERMS for more information.

No matter which program you choose, SEXMoney.com pays out the full amount on ALL exits & ALL payment methods …Period!

Earn 50-70% lifetime recurring commission from ALL revenues generated through your SEXMoney.com account. Earn money every month, over and over again with our revenue sharing program. The bottom line is that you will make between 50-70% on every single dollar the user spends.

  • Upgrades and Coins – In addition to the monthly recurring Memberships SEXMoney.com Users can buy Upgrades and virtual Coins for additional high quality products (broadband videos, exclusiv content, etc) and huge Camplatforms with 1 on 1 chats.
    You as a SEXMoney Webmaster get your complete comission on every Upgrade and Coin your User buys!
  • PAID EXITS – Use our exit consoles to get the most out of your traffic. By targeting your exit traffic, you can dramatically increase your revenues between 20-30% on top of your entrance signups.
  • 100% Transparent Stats – Our stats center enables you to see every single Raw & Unique visitor, the site they visited, as well as their country of origin. This enables you to track your sales in a highly detailed manner, in addition to providing vital information to target your surfers more accurately, thus increasing revenues.
  • WEBMASTER REFERRALS – Earn a BONUS 10% commission for webmaster referrals (first level). This will enable you to profit on all sales made by your referred webmasters in the SEXMoney.com program.

In addition to converting your localized traffic, SEXMoney.com offers solutions for your international traffic with our global webmaster program. Choose to promote via our sign-up or rev share programs, and start earning extra cash for your international traffic! Log-in to the SEXMoney.com webmaster area for details on how you can promote our sites in 25 different languages, offer several different payment methods and promote over 350 niche-targeted sites all with just one SEXMoney.com account!